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photo (18)Hello and welcome to my website. I’m Jocelyn, and I work from home, running my business around looking after my two children. In my ‘previous life’, I was an area sales manager in financial services, but motherhood changed all that! Though I loved my job, I knew that I wanted to be there to see my daughter change and develop every day, and be on hand if she needed me. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get this time back, so as my maternity leave ended, I took a deep, deep breath!, and resigned. I still needed to earn though (it was a MASSIVE pay drop for us!), and I was used to a social and challenging career, so I started looking around…

And I found Phoenix Trading 🙂 I sell greetings cards, gift wrap & stationery, as an Independent Phoenix Trader. I looked into all sorts of flexible, home options, but the reason I went for this is that it’s not £1000s to start up (just £30 to register & you get a business manual, stationery, samples, free website with that), there’s lots of friendly support around and there are no targets, so I do as much or as little as I like each month, working around my family. I really like the products (I’m excitable at every single product release, and there are several every year!) and of course, everybody needs cards, so they’re easy to sell and it’s satisfying to see lots of customers coming back again and again for more.

So, here I am now. My lovely daughter is now 3 years old and I also have a gorgeous baby boy. There’s not a single day that I regret my decision. Sure, we have less money right now, but we have lots of family time together, and I’m building up a business that will mean that when I have a few more free hours as the children grow, we will be back to where we were financially, and then some.

There are a few reasons I’ve decided to put this blog together. Firstly, my maternity leave is now drawing to a close and so I need to get back into business mode and re-focus, and detailing my activities will really help me to do that. I want to increase both my sales and grow my lovely team this year, so that I keep myself on track for our family plans – there’s a lot of talk of Disneyworld in our house!, and we’ve various home improvements we’d like to do, so I will simply need to earn more. And, if I don’t do anything, I’ve nothing to blog about! Secondly, I want to promote my business – as I’ve said, I love the products so I will be going on and on about them! And thirdly, I know that I’m not alone in what I’m trying to achieve here. Whether you’re also a parent wanting to make a change, or a recently redundant, or a soon to be retired, and so on, if you are also looking for a stimulating and enjoyable way to work for yourselves, then read my blog as I’ll be sharing what I do. I remember desperately searching around for something when my daughter was a baby,. so I want to spread the word about this opportunity.

I will be sharing both ups and downs, and I’ll be honest and realistic about what I’m achieving. Come along for the journey – it’ll be interesting!


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