I gave an E-Party a whirl

facebookI like the idea of promoting, interacting and selling on-line – its suits me as I can work it from home, around my children, at any hours needed. It also appeals as I am personally an internet shopper. Why leave the house and brave the chaos that is shopping with 2 little ones when I can do it all from here?!

My decision to promote my business on-line more couldn’t have been better timed, as Phoenix have just launched a new service for us traders. Whereas we used to receive all customer orders ourselves and then batch order them, receive them from Head Office and then put them together for individuals and deliver them, we can now have a much easier life! Customers can order through my website, but this order now goes directly to Head Office for them to pick, package and post, and all within 3-5 days, meaning better service for my customers, too – what’s not to love about that?! I still batch order each month as I have plenty of local customers who are happy to wait 3-4 weeks for their order(they’re well-trained and order their cards in bundles nice and early!), and this way they avoid P&P charges. But for everyone else, and people finding me nationally on-line, this service is brilliant. So, I thought I’d test it out by holding an e-party on my Facebook page…

It sounds odd, but it was actually pretty easy to do and prepare for. I created the event on my page and invited people via Facebook  and Twitter. I then promoted it in the few days running up to it, and got a few questions, anagram, messages and special offers ready to just paste on to my ‘event’ during the evening. I set it for an evening as that was the easiest time for me (kids in bed!), but I may try daytime next time to see what sort of response I get.

Now, this party was mine, inviting my friends and customers. I now want to be open for business to host parties for anyone else. I’d love to do this regularly, so if you fancy a little shopping, while quizzing and chatting with friends, all from the comfort of your lounge, wearing your PJs!, please get in touch. All you’d need to do is agree a timeslot with me (the party will last for 1-2 hrs with live chat & games, though orders placed and chat can be viewed over a period of a couple of days so it’s convenient for more people), let your friends know my website and Facebook page details, and if you’d like to receive brochures and samples in advance, I can also post those to you, too.  I’ll be offering party hosts a bagful of freebies as a thank you, and there will be prizes up for grabs for all guests during the party itself, too. Should be a bit of fun!

Browse the goodies at www.jocelynscards.co uk and get in touch 🙂


2 thoughts on “I gave an E-Party a whirl

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