My Voice is Heard!

I had an email this evening from Head Office asking me to take part in the on-line survey for the May product release. We receive these for every product release (there are five each year), and I have to say, I always get excited by them. I think first and foremost, it’s that feeling of being part of a bigger company (always nice when you’re self employed), and moreover, and company that does listen to your opinions. Then there’s the excitement of seeing the actual products under consideration themselves! I always have my favourites that I hope make it through this process, and look forward to receiving my copy of the next supplement to see which ones made it. I also like to imagine my customers reactions to them, and though I do the surveys based on which designs I personally like, I’ve got to know some of my customers’ preferences, so mentally guess which one’s I know they’ll be buying next time round!

So, May release survey is completed, and I’ve already been asked to vote on our Christmas range. I know, I know, it’s barely spring, but as you can imagine being a cards company, Christmas is a busy time for Phoenix Trading, so it get’s going early, and Christmas supplements and bulk stock discount packs are made available to traders in August, and yes, people do buy Christmas from me in August! Suffice it to say, I’ll have totally forgotten some of the gorgeous Christmas cards and wrapping paper that I voted for come August, but I remember feeling very happy with the selections, so I know I won’t be disappointed…!


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