The nooks and crannies

So this week has been the week of ill children. It started with my daughter coughing and sputtering everywhere (and not finishing a bowl of jelly – a sure sign of illness), which descended into a full blown evil cold that’s kept her away from nursery. This, inevitably, was then passed on to my son, just as she was getting brighter. Queue tired, understandably attention-seeking, children. Challenging though these times always are, they are also the times when I feel glad that I do now work from home around them, so they can have me when they’re ill. But, I still needed to get some work done, so this is what I did…

Successful traders talk about doing a little each day to build their businesses, fitting activities into the nooks and crannies of their days. With my kids, that’s often how I have to work, and when they’re ill, my opportunities become more limited, so I search them out!

We still needed to run a couple of errands (and fresh air’s good for a cold, right?!), so when I popped into the bank, and then later on, the library, I asked at each if they’d like to have a Phoenix cards basket dropped into their staff room for a few days. This is one of my favourite parts of my business, as it works really well for me. It’s minimum effort on my part, a chance for more people to see Phoenix cards and saves me having the stock sitting in my house doing nothing. So that’s one ‘nook’ utilised and ticked off, onto more..

Social media was my ‘cranny’. While I’m feeding my baby, between housework or playtime, it only takes moments to post on my Facebook page, tweet or email links to my website. It’s the perfect ‘nooks and crannies’ filler, though I also admit, it can also lead to being a huge time waster, too, so I do need to become more disciplined with it! Anyway, it’s been my lifesaver this week, keeping me sane in the sick house!, and giving me ways to promote my business from home. Where has it got me? One brochure request and three people asking for information on the business opportunity.

Nooks and crannies filled! 🙂


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