My Picks of the Week #1

Every Monday, I’ll choose three selections from the product range to ‘showcase’. They’ll be picked for whatever reason takes my fancy that week, so here are today’s…

This week’s picks are inspired by my little brother (I say ‘little brother’ – he’s 33 next month and 6 ft tall, but he’ll always be little to me!). He works in an industry that gets very busy come Easter time, and ‘supposedly’ the beginning of spring – go away snow! So, I thought I’d pop a few Phoenix products out there that I know will make him smile:

british islesColour-In British Isles, (CP003) at £6

My brother is a bit of a geography fan – name any country and he’ll know the capital city, and don’t even get him started on flags! Now this poster is particularly perfect, as not only will it feed his love of geography, but his lovely wife will also enjoy the colouring in (come on, admit it, who doesn’t? – it’s therapeutic!)

Frieze – Great Buildings (SP19) at £3

Continuing the theme, I love these cards. Phoenix have a range of them now, and this particular one has facts on the reverse about each building, including the likes of the Sydney Opera House, the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower. I actually sent this card to him for his birthday last year, so I’ll need to get thinking about which one to go for this year!

Know Your Veg (AO82) at £1.50 or £1.20 when you mix & match 10 or more cards

My brother became a vegetarian a few years ago, and is also a great cook. I, on the other hand, am no domestic goddess, and my brother is not remotely surprised when he receives a random call or text from me asking him how best to cook a parsnip or prepare fresh sweetcorn (sad but true that these calls took place!) This new card seems right up his street, with lots of veg and humour thrown in!

I’m an Independent Phoenix Trader, and all products can be browsed and bought at


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