Working with the children’s social life

Just a quickie post, wanting to share…

Spring LaunchMy kids, like most, attend various classes and playgroups. Even my youngest, who at nearly 7 months old, already has baby massage and baby yoga classes under his belt, courtesy of BabyNurture! Like any trader worth their salt, I never leave home without a few brochures and a small box of cards (I learned early on that people are interested in browsing brochures, and there’ll always be that friend who needs a ‘new home’ card that day, and have you got one with you?). So a few of the latest supplements were circulated at yoga class, and a box of cards went with me to playgroup as a couple of people needed to stock up. Handily, and a happy coincidence, while at my daughter’s new Pudding and Pie cookery class yesterday, I received an email order from a new customer – people buying while we’re cooking veggie samosas – lovely! This meant I introduced and sold Phoenix to several new people and then came away from playgroup a few pounds richer, around 30 cards lighter, and having chatted to a lady about becoming a trader. All while doing things with my children, so they were happy and I felt like a good mum taking them out and about! Surely that’s what a family friendly business is all about?! Love times like this 🙂


3 thoughts on “Working with the children’s social life

  1. kerenbaker

    Great beginnings! So have you designed these cards or is it some sort of franchise? Would be great if the link to your shop was a live link – so I could go straight there. Although it might be because I’m surfing via my phone?

    1. ihavecards Post author

      Thanks very much :-). It’s a direct sales business, so I buy them in and sell them on. No territories are assigned & it’s not £1000’s like a franchise – just £30 to get going. I agree about the link but couldn’t figure it out. I’ll play again with it tomorrow… Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

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