My delivery has arrived :-)

I only ordered on Thursday afternoon and I was expecting quite a delay due to the bank holiday weekend, but no, it’s here now!! Thanks for the service, Phoenix Trading!

photo (9)

I can honestly say I never tire of unpacking my deliveries. Full of lovely cards, gift wrap and stationery, and in this case, the new mini bags, too, what’s not to love?! My daughter likes to help me unpack it, largely because she is a big fan of bubble wrap, but she says she likes the pretty cards, too! So, where is she now? Taking her doll in her pushchair for a walk….over a bubble wrap covered kitchen floor…repeatedly..:-)

If you’ve ordered with me directly this month, your delivery will soon be on it’s way to you. And remember, you can now place orders through my website, for delivery directly to you from H/O within 3-5 days.

Like what you see? Find out more by following my blog, liking my Facebook page or just browsing in my shop. Fancy receiving a box of goodies like this yourself as you run your own business?! I am growing my team, and looking for traders to work for themselves from home, all over the UK, France,  Australia, New Zealand and the USA. I’ll be here to help you get going and whenever you need me from then on, as you’ll be a part of my friendly team.  Just ask me for more information, or mooch about this blog 🙂


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