April and May Offers

Right, I promised some tempting offers for you, to entice you into a Phoenix shopping party! The party can be either the ‘normal’ sort, with me popping to you for a couple of hours with my cards and brochures, you invite some friends round, and you chat, shop and eat cake! Or, if it’s a struggle to get everyone in one place at the same time, you can ‘book-a-basket’ from me for a few days, along with brochures and order forms, and collect orders from people as and when you see them, or just grab a few people round for a coffee, but without me there – I won’t be offended!! And then the last option is an E-Party, so if you’re living nowhere near me, or just want to shop with friends but all in PJs on your own sofas, this one’s for you. Any and all suit me!

photo (10)All hosts receive a brand new mini fabric bag, filled with 10 of their favourite cards as a thank you gift, and if sales are over £150, there will also be a free organiser box as a gift 🙂 An easy way to get your hands on some Phoenix goodies!

From now until the end of May, I have just 5 slots left for at-home parties, 6 ‘book-a-basket’ slots available and 3 e-parties available, so don’t miss out, book me now at joloreading@gmail.com or give me a call!

As always, I’m also happy to run parties, or take orders from baskets for fundraising, whereby I give 10% of sales back to the group/cause, so let me know if you’d prefer to do that.

FInd me over on Facebook or browse my website at www.jocelynscards.co.uk

Traders Wanted!! Join my friendly team and run your own flexible business:-)


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