My Picks of the Week #3

Spring is surely starting to Spring?? Well, it’s making me itch to get organised, so this week’s goodies are all there to tempt you to do just that…

gardening boxGardening Organiser Box OB5 – £10

This is one of 3 organiser boxes available, with the other 2 being more for everyday use. I use mine to store all my bits and pieces for the kids – their red books, savings a/c’s statements, birth certificates and other bits and bobs. Wouldn’t be without it! The gardening one seems perfect for Spring, and we also sell garden wall planners to help you to be even more organised!

Family Organiser RBS20 – £4.80

52 sheets on a tear off pad, with 5 columns and each day of the week, you’d be totally organised with this! I actually use mine as a meal planner, so I not only feel organised, but save money, too, by planning ahead!

memento boxesMemento Box £10

A lovely range, including baby and wedding boxes, these come flat packed, and pop right into shape – I can do it easily and I’m useless with anything fiddly! Somewhere to keep all your little mementos that looks lovely and all tied with a pretty ribbon 🙂

All can be found in my shop, along with jotter pads, stationery sets, reward charts, birthday chart posters – plenty to help you get organised with! And, of course, the ultimate in feeling smugly prepared, grab your calendar and stock up any cards you’ll be needing for the next few months. See, reading this could ensure you’re sorted and ready for the next few weeks…!

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