Typical Week So Far..

So this blog is about my Phoenix work fitting around my family life, and by blogging it, it prompts me to do stuff – read more here! With that in mind, I’ll update you on my past week’s worth of activities…

On Monday, after out morning play-date, I was determined to get my head around Pinterest, and get Jocelyn’s Cards on there. Turned out to be a lot more simple than I had expected! The only problem I can see now is staying away from it, as it seemed a little bit addictive to me! I’ll pin more as the days go by, little and often…!

Tuesday, after daughter’s cookery class (yum!), popped to the library to collect a basket of cards I’d left in their staff room last week. Pleased to find several cards and wrap & tag sets sold, so feeling cheery, on the way out I asked if I’d be able to set up a table with my Phoenix goodies on in the foyer at some point in the next month, and yes, booked that in! In the afternoon, while baby boy was taking a nap and daughter was indulging in her recent, almost obsessive, colouring habit!, I wanted to send out my monthly email to my customer database. This time it took me a little while longer to do as I decided to use Mailchimp to do it. It was easy to use, just took a little setting up, but it’ll be ready now for all future updates. I like to mail my customers once a month with any offers I have on, latest news, top sellers etc.

Wednesday – haircut from a mobile hairdresser and Phoenix customer! So, she took away a basket of cards with her to show her friends and family over the next few days and collect any orders for me. She’ll receive a thank you gift of a new mini fabric bag with 10 free cards as a thank you, as part of my April/May special offer, and get to have a good rummage through with her friends! In the afternoon, I had to pop to the vets to pick up a repeat prescription for my dog (tablets that cost me £100 from the vets, yet got them for just £28 on-line – don’t get me started!!), so as the receptionist was so friendly and chatty, I felt comfortable giving her a latest Phoenix supplement to have a look through (I ALWAYS carry a few in baby’s change bag!)

photo (7)Thursday and I had the rest of my stock ready to go out in a basket (I hate having it sitting at home doing nothing), so popped it in the car ready to drop it somewhere en route to daughter’s dance class (which, BTW, I can’t recommend highly enough – Kids Let’s Dance). First dentist I tried was a ‘no’, as they already had a patient of theirs take a Phoenix basket to them (happy with that – Phoenix is getting out and about, and remember, the more the merrier :-)), so I then tried the centre where the dance class was being held, and so they’ve now got it until next week. While I was at the class, I got chatting to another mum, who mentioned she was currently a SAHM, though needed to find something to do. I told her about Phoenix, and gave her brochures on the business (so easy to carry now they’re only A5 size!) to have a look through. It was actually on chatting with her that I thought of how much I’d like to help people work round their families, and while I think Phoenix is the perfect solution, I do know not everyone sees it that way, and I’d like to help people to find something that works for them – watch this space for the next post on that one…..

Which brings me to today, Friday. Latest blog post is already out, I’m typing this one now, and I will be contacting a few local playgroups and kids classes later (my own children allowing, and working around the messy play I have planned, thanks to being inspired by today’s post over at They Grow So Quick)! I like to take a basket or two of cards into local groups for an hour or so, for people to browse, buy and order from, and I donate 10% of sales to the group, which tends to go down well, helping cover room fees etc. and adding a little something extra for the parents. It also means my children get to try out a whole range of new groups and activities while I’m there 🙂

And whenever I get a few minutes throughout the week, usually feeding times, I pop over to Twitter or Facebook for a little promotion there.

So that’s it, my week. It’s pretty typical, as it’s mainly about doing things with the family, and working bits and pieces in around them. 3 year old’s been off preschool this week, too, with the Easter holidays, so I’ve had a bit more to do with her, which I’ve loved 🙂

Interested in finding out more about being a trader yourself? Ask me anything, or mooch about my website at www.jocelynscards.co.uk.


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