Calling all home business people, please!

Why am I calling more people? I work from home because I’m determined to build a business around enjoying and being there for my family – you can read my story here. And just so you know, that’s not my actual office pictured, but it’s the one I’d have if I could ūüôā

the home office I'd like to have...Not that this is all suddenly news to me, but¬†since¬†I started blogging about this, I’ve come into contact with more and more¬†people¬†who are looking to do exactly the same thing. Now, whilst I¬†firmly¬†believe that Phoenix Trading is the way to go here (it’s not like I’m biased or anything?!), I do accept that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, so I got to thinking that if I can’t help other people achieve this goal by spreading the Phoenix message, then maybe others can by spreading their own messages. The point is, I’d like to be able to help others to achieve that family friendly working life, in one way or another. To this end, what I want to do is share other blogs by¬†like-minded¬†people, so that we can all be found in one go. My blogroll is ready to be filled up with other people’s stories of how they’re striving to do this, and I’ve got a board all ready and raring to go over on Pinterest where I’ll add everyone’s blog, so all can be¬†collected¬†and¬†browsed¬†together. I must stress, this is not going to be a load of links to adverts, or website’s about business opportunities. I want it to be your very own story¬†about¬†what you do and how it works for you, so that¬†interested¬†people can read and follow you to get a feel for¬†how¬†you work. If you have a blog that’s a mixture of parenting, crafting, cooking, and work from home etc., that’s absolutely fine – I just want to get lots of ideas and inspiration out there. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a new idea yourself, do follow me so that you can be updated with new stories.

So what do you need to do to be a¬†part¬†of this? Get your bloglink to me, whether that be via commenting on this, Twitter, emailing me – doesn’t matter, just get it to me! I’ll add you to my blogroll and the Pinterest board, and then I will be writing a weekly post on family friendly working, where I’ll highlight all new additions to the site and tweet them, too. Sound easy? it should be…!!


5 thoughts on “Calling all home business people, please!

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