A moment of doubt..

When I set out to write this blog, I promised I’d be honest, and so here I am…

I’m always positive about being a Phoenix trader. I genuinely believe the products are Spring Range picsgorgeous (just look at them!), and that the company is a great one to be a part of – ethical, honest, efficient, supportive, friendly – I have no complaints. As you’ll know if you’ve seen my opening post, being a trader is about having something for me whilst the children are so young, and the extra income it brings in helps us to just about manage each month with my staying at home with them. We get by, and we have time together, which is all I want at this stage. The plan when they’re both at school will be to increase the time I spend on Phoenix, and so I’ll see my business grow and challenge me more, and in turn, my income will go up.

Well, that was the plan in my head, anyway, and I was pretty happy with it (I wouldn’t go as far as to say ‘smug’, but verging on it, as I thought I’d formed an excellent plan!). However, I had a moment of doubt the other day, when chatting to a friend. I was asked what I would do when the children are older and both at school. ‘Phoenix’ came my reply – ‘more and more’. Obvious to me, as this is the business I’ve been growing and thoroughly enjoying for nearly three years now. Apparently, not so obvious to my friend, who looked a little confused and asked me ‘wouldn’t I want to go back to work?’ Well, yes. With my Phoenix business. Am I missing something? I loved my old work, but that’s just not for me any more. I want flexibility to do school runs, have school holidays at home, and above all, to spend my working time surrounded by pretty Phoenix things  – superficial I know, but it’s true! If I’m working, surely being surrounded by lovely things, and knowing I’m working for myself, on my terms, with only my own determination and hard work holding me back, it is the way to go? I’d always thought so, but someone else questioning this idea, got me thinking it over again for the remainder of that day.

And just as I was going to sleep, I shared some of these thoughts running through my head with my husband. Something along the lines of, ‘but there are loads of people out there trying to achieve this balance, and so many don’t do it, so what if I can’t make it work? Am I being ridiculous? Can this be done, as others do give up?’ His response, ‘but you’re better than that, you can do it’, and went to sleep. No over thinking it, discussing it, worrying about it (and believe me, my husband is no optimist!), just that. Matter put to rest – thank you, my lovely husband.


2 thoughts on “A moment of doubt..

  1. Baked Potato Mummy

    I’ve done something very similar. I now run my own online retail business from home whilst raising my 11mnth old son. I love the flexibility it gives me and the extra income has been useful, but like you, I have been having doubts about the future. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one 🙂

    1. ihavecards Post author

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Lovely to know that we’re in it together! If you’re blogging about it, perhaps you’d like to link up? My ‘calling all home business people’ explains it all! Good luck in any case x


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