My Picks of the Week #5

This weekend, we had a little seaside time, so my picks are all things holiday..

ice cream sundaesIce Cream Sundaes L252 £1.50 or £1.20 when you buy any 10 or more

Whether it’s a sunny day and you need one to cool down, or it’s raining and, as you’re on holiday,  you just have to have one, ice creams are an important part of our holidays!

Camper Holiday A083 £1.50 or £1.20 when you buy any 10 or more 

I love the great British seaside holiday, so whether you’re in a caravan, or the now pretty cool, camper-van like in this card, I hope you have a fab time there, too!

Flip Flops HG01 £1.50 or £1.20 when you buy any 10 or moreflip flops

Nothing says summer to me like getting my flip flops on – I love them! I have many, many pairs, and as soon as that sunshine peeks through, they’re on! Only a rainy day will stop me from wearing them all through the summer – I don’t love that slimy feeling you get between your toes when you step in a puddle, and then start to slip off your flip flop!! Anyway, love this card 🙂

All can be browsed and bought now in my shop at


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