How I Got Going

I thought it’d be worth sharing what I got up to in my first month as a trader, for those of you interested in understanding a little more about it…

So I joined in July 2010, and after registering, received my business pack, along with special offer stock pack, just a few days later. I can still remember the excitement of unpacking it all, and showing it to my family and a few friends, one of whom joined herself a week later – the enthusiasm was infectious! I asked for a few start up tips from my sponsor, and joined the traders Facebook group for chit chat, too, and then got going..

2013 brochureI did three things in that first month, along with the all-important, tell everyone about what you’re up to! I booked myself a launch coffee morning. It was at home, I invited all friends, family, and neighbours, and told them to bring whoever they liked as well, got my new cards and brochures out on the kitchen table, baked a cake (oh, OK, my mom baked the cake, but she’s better at that then me!) and that was it. Simple. People had a nosey, I had lots of lovely ‘oohs & aahs’ over the range, and people either ordered from the brochures or bought cards that were there, and everyone left with a brochure to order from again, or to pass on. It was only a couple of hours, but it was fun, and I remember I kept thinking to myself how amazing it was that this was now going to be my ‘work’. Cake and chatting, while surrounded by pretty cards. So, party over, I had a few brochures left over, a few people weren’t able to make it, so I got the last of my business kit brochures to those people. I then ordered what I needed from the party with Head Office (nice and easy to do on-line, or over the phone if you prefer), and re-stocked my brochures (brochures are a great ‘shop window’ for us, so very important to our business – the 2013 ones are pictured). This then allowed me to do the final thing I wanted to get done in month one – a door to door brochure drop on my road. I figured it was an easy thing to do, and it’d allow me to meet my neighbours, too! It was a success, as I picked up several orders, 3 customers who still order from me regularly, nearly 3 years on, and one of whom is now one of my close friends. She lives 3 doors up from me, and I never knew her until she ordered a load of cards from me on that very first drop – worth it just for that :-).

And that was me in business. I felt on the map then, as people knew I had my new business, and so from then onwards, it’s been doing lots of other little things, to suit me. I’ve built up a social media presence, as I enjoy that, though I know plenty of traders don’t go anywhere near Facebook, twitter etc. I continue to spread the word about what I do, mainly through baskets going out, I still have at-home coffee mornings, as do my customers for me now, and I do the very occasional door drop (I’m very much a fair weather dropper!, though I know there are traders who build their businesses around this).

All in all, pretty easy to get going, and with new products and initiatives coming out regularly, along with the new speedy, H/O delivered website, and the many lovely traders I now know, it just gets better every month…

Find out more about being a trader here, or get in touch with me for more information at I’m looking for traders from all over the UK, France, Australia and New Zealand.


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