Tried Something New…

I thought I’d book in at our local community centre, to have a table of Phoenix goodies in the foyer for a couple of hours over lunchtime. The centre has a library upstairs, and various classes on throughout the day – kids classes, yoga, sewing etc. – a hive of activity, or so I’d hoped when booking….

This is my little area, complete with fab new pull-up banner that my husband made for me (he is a sign-writer, it wasn’t just a random thing he crafted!):

photo (21)

And I’m very pleased to report that it all went well. I chatted to lots of inquisitive people, about the products, the business opportunity, hosting a party and running a fundraiser – the whole range! Sales were good and I saw a regular customer there who also wants me to pop to hers next week with a basket of cards to browse. Oh, and I thoroughly enjoyed it – nice to get out and show off gorgeous cards for a couple of hours. And even better, when I came home, my children had had a brilliant time exhausting their nanny and grandad, so happy Thursday all round! 🙂

To run your own cards business, and join my team, visit my website here.


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