Home Businesses – Their Stories #2

OK, continuing the theme of bringing to you other people getting out there and doing it for themselves, in the hope to inspire (there’s more about it on my older post here), I’d like to introduce you to two lovely ladies….

Firstly, let me introduce you to Karen Deverson of Lavender Garden, @lavenderbabies, selling natural crystals and essential oils. Taken from her website ‘Inspired whilst I was pregnant with my fourth baby last year, Lavender Babies was born when I could not find TOTALLY natural calming products for me and my new baby. Every spray is handmade with carefully chosen natural crystals & essential oils, safe for newborn babies and pregnancy. Lavender Moon was born shortly after, to offer a stronger blend of sprays for adults and older children. No alcohol, no nasties, 100% natural. Made with a lot of love, and a little magic. I am a qualified crystal & holistic therapist who has been running my own therapy and teaching business for almost eight years.’ Pop over and take a look now..

Next up is Linzi, with both Paige’s Handmade Boutique and Simply Showcase, which she runs with a few others – busy lady! This is her story ‘I’m a 25 year old single mummy to one little girl, a two year old, and I generally work out of the comfort of my kitchen. I initially started as cosy comfy cushions and made custom quilts and cushions, but didn’t have a real passion for it so I closed for a while, re-branded and re-opened as Paige’s Boutique, named after my daughter Paige. I work part time as a support worker for autistic adults, but I am aiming to develop my own businesses and work from home to spend more time with my family. I do have a partner, but he’s new :-), and is very supportive – I often have him base coating things for me! As much as making something for a customer is nerve racking and I am always terrified they won’t like it, I love the idea that something I created is out there brightening up someone’s home or occasion and I enjoy giving handmade gifts tailored to the person I am giving them to. It was from there I decided to develop Simply Showcase to help other small businesses a long with my own flourish.’ Brilliant! Simply Showcase is a community for other similar small businesses to share their makes and offers.

You can read about another group of inspiring women here, too. I’m writing these posts and sharing these stories as I’m very happy to be working for myself around looking after my children, with my Phoenix Trading business, so want to help others find their happy way of doing it, too 🙂 If you’d like to find out more about my journey, or to join my team of traders, working for yourself selling greetings cards and stationery, find out how I got started here. All details of these business will be on my blogroll where there is a blog!, and also over on my Pinterest board, aimed at giving ideas for you to work flexibly, too.


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