My Week of 10 No’s

Sounds an odd title? It’s an idea other trader’s have developed and tried, and is very Go for 10 no’s! The idea is that by aiming to have 10 people say ‘no’ to you, it both prompts you to ask people various things to progress your business and, as you’re looking for ‘no’s’, makes you comfortable with getting a ‘no’. Of course, if you’re asking, you’re bound to get a few ‘yes’s on the way, so the challenge helps you out. Having just ordered all of the new May range in, and topping up my stock with other products, I was keen to get it working for me and get some sales in, so it seemed a good time to give this idea a whirl…

I eased into it by taking a basket to a place I’d been before. To be honest, the chances of this being a ‘no’ were slim, as they often bought from their basket, and as expected they said ‘yes’. I then asked at my daughter’s nursery if they’d like a brochure to look through for their staff room – they said ‘yes’ 🙂

I realised I’d sent some information about the business opportunity out to an old work colleague over a week ago and had heard nothing. Is this my first ‘no’ of the challenge? I popped a quick email over, and it turned out she just hasn’t had a chance to read it yet, but plans to do so this weekend and will then get back to me. Good news, as it’d be nice to think Phoenix could work for her and her family, so I’ll wait and see. But not a ‘no’.

Then Wednesday came and my working week hit a big bump. My daughter got up and didn’t want her breakfast (she normally has a four-course breakfast – I kid you not!!), so I knew something was afoot. The day progressed with a high temperature, tiredness and lots of crying and requests for cuddles. Same service resumed on Thursday. It’s at times like this that I’m so very glad I run my own business as I can be here for her. But what about my 10 ‘no’ challenge. I needed to think up some new plans…

My lovely parents in-law came to help me out Friday morning, watching the children for an

Tower of Shoes A096AB

Tower of Shoes A096AB

hour or so while I popped out to make my local customer deliveries (I especially enjoyed it, as I had a couple of new customers to meet, too, which is always lovely) and to get a couple of my baskets out. One was to a regular host, so knew I wouldn’t get a ‘no’ there, but I wanted to try somewhere new with my other, and I was dying to share the new cards with the world! A nursery’s just opened nearby, so I went to ask them if they’d like to try it for a week, and it was a ‘yes’ – great! Pleased to have my cards out there being introduced to some new people, but because of this challenge, a small part of me thought, ‘aah, I still have to find more no’s!’

So I set about making various calls, emails, tweets – you name it!, to people who may like to be coffee morning hosts, catching up with potential traders, keeping my mailing list up to date and so on. This is where I started to find a few more no’s, a fair few, ‘not yet’s and some big fat ‘yes’s! I can honestly say, and I do know this sounds like I’m making it up in a wild fit of propaganda!, but I found it really hard to get my ‘no’s’! As it’s now Saturday morning as I blog this, I have failed to get my 10 no’s this week, so must try harder! I will be continuing it into next week, in the hope that by next Saturday, I’ll be all ‘no’d up here!

All in all, a great challenge. It really did change my mindset and I was more determined to look for opportunities to talk to people about, and in my search for ‘no’s’, I almost didn’t notice the ‘yes’s piling up! I’ll definitely work like this again, and on reflecting now, it’s been a very good week for my business :-)

You can shop with me at, or find me on Facebook and Twitter. I have a growing team of others wanting to work flexibly, too, so let me know if you’d like tofind out more.


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