My Picks of the Week #7

A tricky one to do this week, as we’ve just released the May product range, featuring over 60 new products! But, for you, I’ve struggled through and finally settled on what to bring you today.. 🙂

I’d like to tell you about the new 3D cards. We already had a great selection of these, all priced at £2.50 each, 6 different designs and measuring around 25cm high, and looking rather fabulous, in my opinion! Take a look at those here. The new May releases sees us having 3 new 3D cards, but all are a little smaller, around 178cm in height, and are included in the regular cards pricing – wow! They’re just £1.50 each or £1.20 each when you buy any 10 cards or more – love it! Here they are for your browsing pleasure:

Celebrate A098AB

Celebrate A098AB

Tower of Shoes A096AB

Tower of Shoes A096AB

Tower of Fairies A097AB

Tower of Fairies A097AB

You love them, too, right?! You can buy them from my shop now, as they’re in amongst the new range here. And you can mix and match them with any of the other hundreds of cards available in the shop, to get them at the even better price of £1.20.

So get shopping and get organised – enjoy 🙂


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