Family Friendly Business

I know I’ve already mentioned how well Phoenix fits in around me looking after my children, which has been it’s greatest appeal to me. As a company, no targets or pressures are put on traders, so it’s a ‘do as much or as little’ as you like business. Very flexible. This in itself makes it very family friendly, but what I’m actually referring to today is how it entertains my family!

I posted a few weeks ago about how I cleared out a load of my old samples and tatty bits of stationery, which has now become a little craft basket for my 3 year old. We get it out around once a week and it keeps us happy for a while…!

photo (8)

The other day, we decided it was time to embark on longer books, that can’t all be finished in one go. So again, Phoenix to the rescue! I’ve a few bookmarks in, so she enjoyed choosing..

book mark

We’ve also got an ongoing colouring project under way. She does a little more each day..

Princess Carriage CP006

Princess Carriage CP006

The deliveries themselves can provide hours worth of entertainment, too..

photo (25)A pirate ship, apparently. She’s been eating her toast in it each day. And this is just the box, you should see the excitement the bubble wrap brings!

From my own point of view, I always have gorgeous thank you cards to send out after all of their birthdays, Easter and Christmas gifts and obviously take great enjoyment selecting which cards and wrap people are receiving when it comes to giving to others. I also have an organiser box for keeping all of my kids papers in – red books, savings accounts, birth certificates, you know the stuff! I’m also very excited to have just joined #postcircle so I’ll be getting to use lots of my Phoenix goodies for that soon, too 🙂

Now, it does seem prudent to point out that I do also sell things!! It’s just that as I get to buy it in for myself at a discount, and I love it all, it does seem silly not to keep some things for myself…doesn’t it?!

Want to find out more about doing this, too? Get in touch – happy to help!


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