Welcoming Emma to my team!

Today I’m extending a very warm welcome to my newest team member, Emma ūüôā


Emma is a part time teacher, has two children and found out about Phoenix Trading and I through Twitter. Social networking has worked it’s magic, and brought me a lovely new team member to help and support, and more importantly, it’s got Emma a whole new business and into the wonderful world of Phoenix. I look forward to being with her on her new journey….!

It got me thinking that it’d make sense to write a post about sponsoring, and why I do it.

Phoenix Trading, like many direct selling companies, encourages traders to sponsor others into the business. I talked a little about it in an earlier post, The More the Merrier. Now when I say ‘encourages’, I really do mean just that. There’s no pressure to sponsor, no targets to do so or anything, there are simply extra rewards for you if you do. And these rewards are only received if you’re still going about your own business and developing your own sales, which I think is absolutely how it should be. It’s not a pyramid sell. You don’t join, then spend all your time trying to persuade others to do the same so you can earn. In fact, I would get nothing financially if someone just joined up for the ¬£30 and then didn’t do anything with it. And Phoenix have paid for the materials in the ¬£30 kit, so it’s no good for them either. No, joining is about then enjoying and running your business. Spreading the Phoenix word and getting more of the cards out there. Then, both myself and Phoenix benefit financially. Phoenix through more stock being bought to sell and me through a percentage of sales (paid to me by Phoenix as a bonus, never taken away from the trader!), and again, that’s only if I’m still selling, too.

I like it this way. It feels comfortable to me. Ethical. For my part, I want to sponsor more and grow my team. When I was unpacking my business kit, way back when, a friend of mine popped in for a chat and saw what I was up to and joined herself the following week. My sponsoring journey began…!There is a financial benefit in doing so, I like to be supporting a team and I really want to shout about how much I enjoy it, the flexibility it gives me, and offer the same thing to others. My blog should be indicative of that!

There’s more information about it all on my website, and I also email information to enquirers or post packs out, which include sample cards and current brochures etc. Whatever suits. So I share this information freely. When I’m out and about, my baskets, tables at events or stickers on brochures all let people know this is also something they could do if they’d like to. And we chat. So I’ve done my bit. I’ve let people know there is an opportunity. I’ve given them some information. Sometimes they’ll ask questions, which I answer as honestly and as thoroughly as I can. And that’s me done. It’s then up to that individual to ponder and consider whether Phoenix is for them. Though I’d always like them to reach the conclusion that ‘yes, it is’ and welcome them to my team and start helping them in whatever capacity they need me (and I’ve accepted that some don’t need me at all!), if it’s not for them, not a problem. They’ve explored the option and it’s not a fit for their lives, either now or not ever. If it’s a ‘maybe one day’, we keep in touch.

I actually called a lady I’d given a pack out to and chatted with at length at an event over 2 years ago, last week. I’ve called her a few times and in each case, it’s still there at the back of her mind. To be honest, as I dialled her this time, it was with the thought that I’d just check in and then probably remove her from my contact list. ‘Yes, that’s probably best’ she said, followed by ‘although I do always think the cards would do well at xxx…’ So, would you like me to stay in touch, I ask, ‘yes, can you call me again in September as that would be a better time’ OK. No problem. It’s in my diary now, so we will see what happens in September…

I’ve had several ‘not now’s’ like this join my team at a later date, and then others who have joined within hours of getting the information. Each to their own. I’ll be here ready to help, whenever they’re ready. I love to see new starters get going. To hear from them on their earliest successes and to reassure after any bumps in the road. To share in their excitement as new products are released and to help them with their own team, if they wish to do that. And to hear those personal stories, too – I’ve met some of my closest friends through my business and I know other traders with similar stories – you can’t beat that!

As I’m rattling on about sponsoring, I’d better include this, too..

Statutory Notice
Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.

Don’t want to get into any trouble!

So, that’s why I sponsor, and that’s what’s brought Emma to my team. I remember well my initial Phoenix delivery and my first month as a trader, so I know how exciting this time will be for Emma.¬†As Phoenix brings out new ranges regularly throughout the year, my business gets lots of injections of¬†fresh enthusiasm, but¬†nothing¬†brings out that enthusiasm in me more than helping a new¬†trader. I can feel Emma’s excitement for her new business jumping out from her emails, and I know we’ll be having a good, long chat when she gets all of her kit later this week. I’m looking forward to it, Emma!


6 thoughts on “Welcoming Emma to my team!

  1. emma wright - emma's little world

    I am looking forward to it too! And thank you for all your support so far, I know it will continue as long as I need it, which I think will be a while. It’s a new exciting venture for me, that will start small but I hope will grow and grow. Plus it is with something I love, beautiful cards and stationary x x x

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