My Picks of the Week #8

We’ve a new range out, and my delivery has arrived, a mixture of new and old goodies (I believe I was found here shouting delightedly about it a few posts ago!). On unpacking my delivery, after my daughter’s thrill at the bubble wrap, these items in particular got ‘wow’s from her – she’s 3 and already knows when a ‘wow’ is appropriate! So these are the things I will share with you today….

Princess Tiara £1.50 or £1.20 when you buy any 10 cards or more A086

princess tiara

A great new card for little girls, especially love that it’s die cut wraparound so does look like a little tiara.

Princess Carriage £1.50 or £1.20 when you buy any 10 cards or more DC61

princess carriage

Another die cut card (shaped) reminiscent of many princess stories 🙂

Colour-In Princess Carriage £4.50 CP006

colour-in princess carriage

By now, you’re spotting a theme?! I did actually order the colour-in frieze for her anyway, so her delight was then magnified! It’s 6 big square panels that you colour in and then link them all up to create the frieze. Literally hours of fun, and she takes her colouring in very seriously – no going over the lines here!

All are in my shop now at 



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