Do It Your Way

Phoenix Trading does not gives targets to traders and there are no managers in thedid it my way hierarchy, and so no pressures or needs to report back on activities. By being so flexible with traders, it allows for a lovely range of trader backgrounds and people doing different things with their businesses.

This blog talks about me and my business. But not every trader is a full time mum to two littlies and those that are wouldn’t necessarily do the things that I do!

As well as the great number of ‘mum’ traders, there are a growing number of students (you have to be 18+) doing this for extra income, lots of retired people enjoying it for pension top ups and a new challenge/hobby, people with no other job, part time jobs and full time careers, and although the majority of traders are women, an increasing number of men are joining and one of the most successful traders is a man – you can read his story here.

How do people ‘work’ their businesses? Some run it full time, some part time and there are some who just sell to family and friends and bag themselves a discount when they buy their own stuff. Some only dust off their ‘trader’ hat for the Christmas selling season and make the most of that time. As you’d guess, traders tend to be at their busiest from September to November! Some join for the social side as they’re then a part of this lovely business, with a friendly team and it gets them out and about chatting about the cards. Others approach it with a very clear aim to build a serious full time business and put that level of time and commitment into it to ensure it meets their goals.

There are those who just do door to door drops and as with anything, doing this consistently well, it builds over time, those who just enjoy at-home parties, those who sell via mail order or online, those using baskets, those out and about at various fairs and events and then like me, and many of us, we do a variety of things – keeps it interesting!

And that’s just the selling side. Some find the team building side enjoyable, and so depending on the size of their team, time will be given to communicating with them, get togethers, start up chats etc.

You can read a few trader profiles on the main website here, and you can read about what I get up to by browsing the ‘my activities’ category on the right.

It felt important to write this post almost as a full disclosure that this blog isn’t what it’s all about for everyone! This is my business working around my family, my way. And if all goes to plan, my business will look different in a few years time when the children are both at school. It’ll evolve and grow over time to suit me, as a great many others do for a huge array of reasons.

So if you’re reading this and you think the products are gorgeous, too, just ask yourself what your business would look like to suit you. If there’s a seed of a vision there, take a look at how you go about starting it and get in touch with me and let’s see where your business will take you…


2 thoughts on “Do It Your Way

  1. Jenny

    Great to see you can combine a growing business with having small kids. How much time do you reckon it takes up in an average week?

    1. ihavecards Post author

      It really varies from trader to trader, as some just pick it up from time to time & then there’s the other end of the spectrum with full timers. For me, though, with my little ones, I aim to give at least 5 hours a week to keep it ticking, and then an hour or two for deliveries once a month & 2-3 hours for any party/event bookings, plus prepping for them. Really is up to how much you want to do, which has always been the big appeal to me with my littlies!


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