Chicken Pox Strikes!

The 3 year old has chicken pox. It was pretty much expected as it’s been going round her nursery so it felt inevitable. As will baby boy getting in soon, too 😦 Oh well, it’ll be out of the way then (though worryingly, we don’t think husband has had it, so he’s not overjoyed by the prospect of having it just in time for his birthday in a couple of weeks..).

It’s at these times when working from home is extremely handy, as I can look after the kids and do bits and bobs of work as and when I can fit them in. This has meant that work over the last few days has consisted of posting out a few free brochures and samples packs to new people (get in touch if you’d like one, too), I’ve been in touch with most of my team in one way or another, I managed to pop and collect a couple of baskets I’d dropped into staff rooms before our holiday, thanks to grandparents being on pox duty for half an hour!, and there were quite a few sales in them so that was a nice end to my day and of course being housebound hasn’t stopped me from taking and responding to orders via phone, email and post. I’m also gearing up ready for tonight’s on-line party, which I’m really looking forward to – if you’d like to pop by to have a nosey and for the chat we’ll be on my Facebook page and Twitter feed from 8pm tonight #cardsparty, and there will be freebies!

Now as you can imagine, being confined for several days, especially post holiday excitement –  the spots literally came out on the journey home – has been challenging aside from work. But we’ve been very creative, so this morning, as I type this, is actually the first time we’ve put a film on to entertain us (introducing the 3 year old to Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, while baby boy naps – she’s transfixed!). We’ve had garden play, chalking outside, water table fun, sensory play with squirty cream (admittedly, baby boy just ate it!), made edible paint together and explored finger painting (admittedly, baby boy just tried to eat the paper..?!), baked and created a zoo from the contents of our recycling box. Now, the latter two are connected to Phoenix, as you’ll see a couple of old sample cards make great animal caves…

Our Recycled Zoo

Our Recycled Zoo

Totally by accident, after we’d made our pink iced fairy cakes, and sprinkled our butterflies on top (not especially artfully but they do taste good!), the 3 year old pointed to the Butterfly Cupcakes sample I had out and showed me they were the same – I hadn’t noticed, but she’s always the more observant of the two of us!

Fairy cakes

After tonight’s party, I then have an evening of tea, cake, chat & cards at an at-home party on Friday, which I’ll go to after the children are tucked up into bed so their dad can just have a rest while I’m out!

Hopefully that’ll be the end of our confinement period and I’ll get out and do a bit more work before baby boy’s chicken pox arrives……



4 thoughts on “Chicken Pox Strikes!

  1. Verily Victoria Vocalises

    Sorry I missed your twitter party :(. Be interested in some samples though – will arrange that for after we’ve moved. Chicken pox is definitely best out of the way early on. Hope all is well soon. Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

    1. ihavecards Post author

      Thank you. 3 year old’s is clearing up, so just waiting on baby boy’s outbreak..!
      Just give me a shout whenever you’re ready and I’ll pop some free samples out to you 🙂


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