June Newsletter Time

I posted last time I had a newsletter through, so you already know of my happiness on newsletter days! This time it was actually even better, as there was an invite to the July trader meetings 🙂 Phoenix Trading run 2 rounds of meetings per year, usually January and July, and they’re dotted all over the UK. They’re always free to attend, and entirely optional, and are open to both traders and people who are interested in finding out more about becoming a trader – if that’s you, get in touch if you’d like me to book you a place, too. The agenda looks really good, with us getting to see the new Christmas products (they come out in August, and yes, people buy Christmas cards from August all the way up to Christmas Eve!), we get to see original artwork, an update from our creative director, experienced traders sharing tips and best practices, Q&A’s and plenty of chatting with other traders. Looks fab, so I’ve already booked my place, and I’ll be going with other traders in my team, so it’ll feel like a day trip! It will definitely fill me with loads of ideas and motivation, so watch this space when I’m back from there – expect excitement!!

June Newsletter

June Newsletter

I was also interested to read that there’s going to be a new Getting Started Programme launched, which is a 90 day email training programme, all delivered in bite size chunks at appropriate times. It sounds brilliant for helping you get going, and from my own point of view, a great way to help my new team members, which I can then easily follow up with them. I’ll be signing up to receive that one myself, as a little refresher can never hurt, and then I can best help my newbies, too 🙂

I really liked the ‘trader stories’ and ‘good ideas’ pages and will definitely be trying some of those – love how traders so readily share ideas with each other, very helpful!

It also regularly features last months best sellers, top trader volumes, traders’ tips and artists’ updates. It always gives me ideas, so I have my diary and a notebook to hand to scribble down action points along the way. So notebook full, best get on with some of it…!

If you’re interested in finding out more about being a trader yourself, I’m happy to email over information and the latest newsletter for you to have a good read of and then throw any questions my way!




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