A Helpful Lot!

I though I’d update you on what I’ve been up to lately, and also to express my cheeriness today on how pleased I am to be part of such a fabulous company. So first, what have I been doing…

I’ve been keeping up with normal day to day things that I love to do, and to give you a feel for what that means for my business, it’s….sending free brochures & samples out to people (just email me if you want your free one – no obligation to buy!), helping my team out with various queries, dealing with customer orders, keeping the blog, along with my Facebook, (just added Fan of the Week over there which is proving very popular – random freebies up for grabs, so like the page if you’re on there, too) Twitter and Pinterest accounts fresh (that so does not feel like work!), chatting to people thinking of becoming traders and getting my baskets full of cards out and about in various staff rooms.  

In addition to the every day stuff, I’ve added a review page to the blog, I’ve been adding bits and pieces to my monthly newsletter, which will be ready to go out next week (sign up for yours here now – I’ll do my best to make it fascinating…! – http://eepurl.com/xWgr5 ), I attended an at home party and been checking in with the host of my next one in a couple of weeks time. I love these, though at the moment, I only tend to book 1-2 in a month, as I don’t like to miss the children’s bedtimes more than that. I’ll do more of these when they’re a little older – chat with cakes and selling cards – seriously, what’s not to love?! I’ve also tried something new, which has worked out well for me, and this is also the bit where my love of the big Phoenix family comes in! 

In one of the various Phoenix Facebook groups that I’m a part of, a lovely lady mentioned that she’d been contacting people locally that were part of the National Garden Scheme, to see if they’d like to either host a basket of cards at their event, or have her there in person, with a donation to charity made. I loved this idea, as we’ve some gorgeous gardening, wildlife and floral cards in our range, along with everything else, so I popped letters out with some samples cards and brochures to my local gardens, and happily, one of them called me up to book me in. They sound absolutely lovely people, and I’m really looking forward to going. As well as me, there’s also plants, books and refreshments for sale, so I may well be spending all of my profits, but I’m sure it’ll be a great day nonetheless! I’ll be ensuring I update you all on it, and I’ll be taking some gorgeous garden picks to accompany that post, too!

Now, the above is just one example of fellow traders helping each other out by sharing ideas like this. It happens all of the time, through our newsletters from Head Office, emails and call within our teams, loads of sharing on Facebook and there is a great stock swap shop on there where we’re all very helpful sorting each other out with any last minute requests. I’m always aware of how lucky I am to have this support network, but never more so than when I’m chatting to and introducing new traders to my team. I talked about welcoming Emma last month, and just this week, Katie and Khairun have come on board, too, and it’s so great to know that along with all the help that I’m here to offer them along the way, there are all of these other people so happy to offer support, ideas and inspiration, too. So today, I’m giving my Phoenix family a huge, happy virtual hug 🙂


Take a nosey at gorgeous cards on my website here, or get in touch if you’d like to find out more about becoming a trader yourself.


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