Helping New Traders

I was interested to read in June’s newsletter from Head Office that they’re introducing a new programme for new traders, in place of the current business manual. Now, I do like my manual, but I can see how it can be a little daunting and overwhelming to receive a kit full of samples, brochures, stationery and then a hefty folder to make sense of. This new initiative means that bitesize chunks of information are emailed over to newbies at appropriate times to help them get going, and it keeps it simple. To get going in this business, you need a few samples and a smile – that’s it! Get your kit, show someone what you’re doing, and hey presto, you’re in business! I’ve signed up to receive the training, too, so that I can understand and support my team, and because a refresher can never be a bad thing! Here’s the first email that I received yesterday:

And that’s it, you’re off! I look forward to receiving more, and am certain that this will help new traders, along with anything they need from me, the team, and Head Office. Thanks for another good idea, Phoenix Trading!

To find out more about being a trader yourself, click here, and do feel free to contact me directly with your questions.


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