My Picks of the Week #14 Posters

This week I’d like to highlight the posters we have available. I must confess, they’re a range that I often overlook myself, for no good reason! Recently, one of my customers bought a height chart and told me how cute it looked, and I thought, ‘why haven’t I bought one of those myself for the 3 year old?’ So that’s now been remedied, and she has it proudly next to her bed and absolutely loves it – she asks to be measured every other day, so progress is slow…! So, here are our posters…

Out of this World P26 £6 – 50x70cm

Out of this World

Out of this World

Times Tables P25 £6 – 50x70cm

Times Tables

Times Tables

Kings and Queens P22 £6 – 50x70cm

Kings and Queens

Kings and Queens

Birthday Chart P23 £6 – 50x70cm

Birthday Chart

Birthday Chart

And then, of course, the height charts, both a girls and boys poster are available at £6 each.

So next time you’re stocking up on your cards, do take a look at the posters – they’re rather lovely 🙂

Shop at 




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