My Picks of the Week #15 Butterflies

Summer is actually here! Hope everyone’s making the most of it. I love spending time in my garden and that’s inspired this week’s picks – butterflies. Now, Phoenix know how to do butterflies….

blue butterflyBlue Butterfly AL69 £1.50 or £1.20 when you buy any 10 or more cards

Absolutely gorgeous! It’s all glittery, too. I always have one of these on my displays, and as you can imagine, they catch the eye and I sell plenty! As with all Phoenix cards, it’s blank inside so could be a birthday, get well, engagement – whatever you need it to be!

There’s is also a 50 sheet jotter pad, of the same design, shaped as a butterfly (not glittery, though, of course!)

Organiser Box £10 OB4 butterfly organiser box

It includes 15 blank dividers and a pull out drawer. Could be a recipe box, keep your paperwork in, or your stock of cards!

Butterfly Paper Chain SP15 £2.50

48 gummed links to make up a paper chain, with images on both sides.

Butterfly Sky Postcards M50 £4

Pack of 10, matt textured, postcards, along with white envelopes.

Butterfly CupcakesButterfly Cupcakes LS20 £1.50 or £1.20 when you buy any 10 or more cards

Month in, month out, this is the best-selling card! It’s glittery and the wings on each of the butterflies pop out – very pretty so can see why it just keeps on selling!

Painted Butterflies WS247 £1.50 or £1.20 when you buy any 10 or more cards

Another very popular one. A little smaller than Butterfly Cupcakes, this one’s matt textured, and again, has wings that pop-out.

Butterfly Frieze Blue SP32 £6butterfly frieze

With 10 pop-out A4 sheets, you can make quite a display with these – so pretty! There’s also a pink version.

We also have mini gift boxes, stationery sets, a bookmark, gift wrap and tags, gift boxes and loads more butterfly cards, too – phew! I did say Phoenix know how to do butterflies! You can search all things butterfly on my website by simply using the product search box, to see even more of the range.

And remember, I have special offers on this month, too..:-)


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