The Best and Worst Things about the Business Opportunity

When telling people about the business opportunity that Phoenix offers, I’m often asked whether I enjoy it, the best things about it, and of course, the downsides. I aim to be completely honest, so these are the answers that I tend to give..

Do I Enjoy It?

Yep! The products that I have are gorgeous, and represent very good value. I enjoy unpacking every single delivery. It’s a pleasure to show them to people and it is about ‘showing’ not ‘selling’ – people see them and like them! The cards are all UK printed, the company are involved with various charities and work hard to ensure us traders are supplied well, kept informed and they are very helpful and friendly – so a big tick from me there. There is a real feeling of support from other traders, helping each other practically with tips, advice, stock swaps, and motivating each other as we share our ups and downs with one another. That’s a lovely thing to have when you’re self employed. I also have a growing team and I really enjoy helping them to get their own exciting venture off the ground, being there to celebrate their successes with them and helping them to overcome any bumps in the road. So yes, I enjoy it. My work is about showing people pretty cards and stationery that have them going ‘oooh!’, chatting and wherever possible, will involve consuming cake!

What’s the Best Thing about it?

As a business opportunity, it must be the low start up cost and then total flexibility – no targets, no pressure. That’s what attracted me to it. I thought it was more than reasonable to invest £30, and I also bought a discounted stock pack (optional) for £150. I thought, there can’t be many businesses that can be in full swing on £180, with brochures, stock, website, stationery and a manual, too. And with total flexibility, so I could put my family first and work round them, at my own pace. Perfect for me. As explained above, I enjoy lots of aspects of it and I didn’t foresee the amount of friendships I’d also form through it, too, which has been a huge and unexpected, ‘best thing’!

What’s the Worst Thing about it?

The low start up cost and total flexibility – no targets and no pressure. Yes, that’s not a typo! For me, I see the very best and very worse things about this opportunity as one and the same. The thing that attracts so many, can also be the thing that sees people struggle to make Phoenix work for them. It is a business, like any other, and as such it takes time and effort to grow and develop. I knew this when I signed up for it, and have been pleased to see it steadily grow with time and effort. I’ve also seen people join, and with no one pushing them and having invested a relatively small amount of money for a business, they don’t really ever get going and so give up. You can be your own ‘worst thing’ with this one. You need to remember..

your life..

As a very successful trader pointed out to us all at our recent trader meeting, ‘the business and income you sit there with today, is the one you’ve made’. In direct sales, it is what you make it and the biggest thing slowing you down is likely to be you!

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more.


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