A Lovely New Coffee Morning

Bags Full of Cards!

Bags Full of Cards!

Yesterday, I took my cards along to a local retirement home’s coffee morning. I’d not been before, and it was actually a friend and customer of mine who had given them my brochure and suggested they have me there – thank you, Ali! It was only 5 minutes from home, so I packed up my stock into a couple of bags, my in-laws arrived to play with the kids, and off I tootled.

My Display

My Display


I set up in a nice lounge, and people started to come in and take a look and meet for a chat over drinks and biscuits. It was an enjoyable couple of hours, with a steady stream of people browsing, chatting and buying. Several of them asked whether I’d be going again, which is always nice, so I’ve agreed to go back again in September, and will probably make it a regular bi-monthly booking from then on. All in all, a good morning’s work.

So then back to family-life, I got home in time for lunch, and we went off to a neighbour’s house for the afternoon. I enjoyed catching up with my friend, and my daughter had a great time playing in the garden with her little friend.

After dinner and the kids’ bedtimes, while catching up on this week’s Supernatural!, I unpacked a small cards delivery and popped it, along with all my other stock, into a couple of baskets ready to take out and find homes for today. Might as well get that stock out and about selling! I’ll report back on where the baskets end up..:-)


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