My Picks of the Week #18 Cats

Today’s picks are all things feline..

party cats


sofa cats


cuddle required


catsAs always, all cards are blank for your own message, and priced at £1.50 each, or buy any 10 or more for £1.20 each.

Now, as it’s 1st August, our Christmas range also launches today, and I couldn’t leave you without mentioning that! As it happens, there’s also a cat pick there…

cats & dogs advent calendar card


It’s one of our extremely popular advent calendar cards. If you’ve not seen these before, I cannot recommend them enough! They’re priced at just £2 each and as you can see in the picture, have 24 little doors on them to open. Perfect if you want to send a more unique or special card, and at £2, they represent fabulous value. I always sell loads of these, and with the new selection we’ve got this year, I can see it being the same again this season!

The advent calendar cards, all of the Christmas products, along with the entire every day range are just awaiting your browsing and buying pleasure in my shop now 😉

And as you’d imagine, now’s a busy and fun time to be a trader, so if it appeals to you to try this yourself, get in touch!



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