Christmas is Keeping Me Busy!

I’m still here, still beavering about with my cards!

As you’d expect, at this time of year, I can get a little busy. I’ve concentrated on mainly doing home coffee and cards for my regular customers this season, which I’ve hugely enjoyed. They have a really nice atmosphere, are very informal and it’s great to chat to people about Phoenix and show off the current range. I hold plenty of stock and always take a bag of samples of all of the current Christmas card packs. People do like to see them and then I take orders of any I’ve not got in stock to deliver back at a later date. A party tends to last for an hour and a half to two hours, and it’s always time well-spent for me, and an easy, laid-back way to shop for everyone.

I’m also doing a few more public events, as it’s nice to mix things up! For example, next week I’m booked in to a school staff room for their lunchtime and also into a retirement home for a coffee morning. Looking forward to both 🙂

My regular customers, of course, are continuing to order and my team are all out there getting on with it! I’ve been delighted to welcome Julie, Louise and Emma in the last few weeks, too. So, as I mentioned, busy!

And top-sellers at the moment?

figgy pudding


advent calendar gingerbread house


paper chains


Tower of Shoes A096AB

Tower of Shoes A096AB

Butterfly Cupcakes LS20

Butterfly Cupcakes LS20

And, I’m always happy to get a little busier, so do feel free to order from me at, or ask me for a little free information about doing this yourself, too (email or tweet me at @IHaveCards) – I’d hate to get a restful period this month!


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