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Trader Meeting Today!

Today, while everyone’s been baking hot, and many of you have been enjoying Wimbledon, I’ve been in a room (air conditioned, so all was well!) full of traders, looking at, amongst other things, the new Christmas range.

Traders Checking out the New Range

Traders Checking out the New Range

It has been brilliant! My mind is still buzzing with ideas, thoughts, plans and I cannot wait to reveal the new range to my customers. Phoenix have, yet again, surpassed themselves and delivered the best Christmas range yet, though I cannot yet share it with you as there are more meetings around the UK this week, and don’t want to spoil the surprise for others! And, even better than the products being gorgeous, along with all of the cards being printed in the UK, as all our cards are, they’ve managed to source a printer in Wales for all of the roll wrap, rather than Switzerland, so yet another product from the UK – great to support our industry.

We saw the new products, heard how massive and stable the greetings card industry is in the UK, despite emails, e-cards, texts, Facebook etc., we’re clearly still want to sending cards, and we heard from several traders about how they got involved with Phoenix (all so different!) and how they run their businesses. I always love to hear these stories and really enjoy chatting to other traders as we can all learn so much from each other. And I always come away proud to be a trader for this company, excited about new plans and products, and fired up to further develop my business. These meetings are run by head office and are free and are entirely optional to attend.

So this post is fairly brief tonight, as I wanted up update you and share with you my enthusiasm (it’s literally brimming over!), and I’m sure I’ll bring you more posts inspired by today over the coming weeks, but for now, I must go and get some plans on paper….:-)


Helping New Traders

I was interested to read in June’s newsletter from Head Office that they’re introducing a new programme for new traders, in place of the current business manual. Now, I do like my manual, but I can see how it can be a little daunting and overwhelming to receive a kit full of samples, brochures, stationery and then a hefty folder to make sense of. This new initiative means that bitesize chunks of information are emailed over to newbies at appropriate times to help them get going, and it keeps it simple. To get going in this business, you need a few samples and a smile – that’s it! Get your kit, show someone what you’re doing, and hey presto, you’re in business! I’ve signed up to receive the training, too, so that I can understand and support my team, and because a refresher can never be a bad thing! Here’s the first email that I received yesterday:

And that’s it, you’re off! I look forward to receiving more, and am certain that this will help new traders, along with anything they need from me, the team, and Head Office. Thanks for another good idea, Phoenix Trading!

To find out more about being a trader yourself, click here, and do feel free to contact me directly with your questions.

Phoenix Cards

Thought I’d better share a little background information about Phoenix Trading, as it’s kinda what I do! This is taken straight from the company website:

‘As a direct selling, independent card publishing house, Phoenix Trading has sold in excess of 150 million cards worldwide. Phoenix Trading does not sell its products through conventional retail outlets; instead we market an exclusive range of cards and stationery through our international team of over 10,000 worldwide Independent Phoenix Traders. This direct approach offers exceptional value for money without compromising on the quality of the product and design.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, and here are just a few of the things that make our cards special:

  • We only feature exclusive designs from our team of talented artists
  • We use high-quality board with Forest Stewardship Commission (FSC) accreditation
  • All of our greeting cards are produced and printed in the UK
  • Plant-based inks are used to minimise our impact on the environment
  • All of our everyday cards are blank for your own message. They are designed to be as versatile as possible.’

Given you a flavour of it? I also like to share this YouTube link, as it gives a good all-round feel for what Phoenix are about: