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Christmas is Keeping Me Busy!

I’m still here, still beavering about with my cards!

As you’d expect, at this time of year, I can get a little busy. I’ve concentrated on mainly doing home coffee and cards for my regular customers this season, which I’ve hugely enjoyed. They have a really nice atmosphere, are very informal and it’s great to chat to people about Phoenix and show off the current range. I hold plenty of stock and always take a bag of samples of all of the current Christmas card packs. People do like to see them and then I take orders of any I’ve not got in stock to deliver back at a later date. A party tends to last for an hour and a half to two hours, and it’s always time well-spent for me, and an easy, laid-back way to shop for everyone.

I’m also doing a few more public events, as it’s nice to mix things up! For example, next week I’m booked in to a school staff room for their lunchtime and also into a retirement home for a coffee morning. Looking forward to both 🙂

My regular customers, of course, are continuing to order and my team are all out there getting on with it! I’ve been delighted to welcome Julie, Louise and Emma in the last few weeks, too. So, as I mentioned, busy!

And top-sellers at the moment?

figgy pudding


advent calendar gingerbread house


paper chains


Tower of Shoes A096AB

Tower of Shoes A096AB

Butterfly Cupcakes LS20

Butterfly Cupcakes LS20

And, I’m always happy to get a little busier, so do feel free to order from me at, or ask me for a little free information about doing this yourself, too (email or tweet me at @IHaveCards) – I’d hate to get a restful period this month!


I’m Still Busying Myself Here!

I’ve been a little absent from this blog lately, but never fear, it’s because I have been busy! So, I thought I’d best pop by and give you a brief update to reassure you that I’m still here!

box of cardsWith the children back at school, and the weather turning decidedly autumnal, people’s thoughts seem to be turning to Christmas, as I’m definitely selling cards and advent calendars! In the last couple of weeks, I’ve got my Christmas catalogues out to my mailing list, I’ve booked in some more at home ‘coffee and cards’, booked a Macmillan coffee morning in, taken sales and orders from my regular baskets, and my website sales are going strong. Those boxes full of Christmas goodies are already dwindling!

join nowOn top of my activity, I’m delighted to be welcoming Julie to my team, too. Now is a fabulous time to join, with our best few months upon us and the free e-commerce website offer for new traders ends this month, too, so if you’re toying with it, get in now! You can find more information on my website or get in touch directly with me with your questions 🙂

And now I’m off as I have another free brochure pack to post out to a potential new customer – shout if you’d like to peruse one, too 🙂

Made My Day

A couple of days ago, our local Mums in the Know website featured a fantastic review of my business, written by one of my lovely customers. It reads..

hannah's pic‘I always like to keep a stash of cards in my top drawer. Being a busy Mum of two and running my own business time always seems to be short and birthdays or special occasions suddenly creep up on me. I bet many Mums can relate to this! Not only do I now have to remember my own friends’ birthdays and anniversaries but my kids seem to be being invited to more and more kids birthday parties too.

I used to pop down M&S every few months and stock up on a range of greetings cards (kids birthday cards, ladies and men’s cards, thank you cards etc) and keep them in that top drawer. Then I could grab one out of the drawer whenever a birthday crept up that I had forgotten about. That was until I stumbled across iHaveCards on twitter. iHaveCards is run by Sutton Coldfield based Jocelyn Reading, a young Mum of two young children, who trades in the Phoenix range of cards, which are absolutely lovely. The cards are so unique and Jocelyn is so forthcoming.

So I decided I didn’t want to put my money towards a large impersonal company anymore but instead support a local Mum trying to earn a living for her young family. What’s not to relate to? I need cards and she sells them, simple really. I’ve taken a photo of just a few of the cards I have bought from Jocelyn (my stack is starting to go down already so I will have to re-stock again soon). On the left you can see some of the kids cards, on the right are some of the ladies cards, in the middle are two male ones. You can’t see it in the picture but some of cards are even 3D. This is just a small selection of the ones I have bought, there are so many more in the range. And Jocelyn stocks loads of other stationary too, gift wrap, tags, present accessories and lots more.

Now I contact Jocelyn every few months instead of going to M&S and I buy a bulk of cards from her to put in my top drawer. It’s so easy, I can phone her, email her, buy via her website or I’ve even visited her and had a mooch through her entire collection. She does Facebook parties and open house evenings as well to get extra discounts. And you don’t have to buy in bulk like me, you can just get one-off cards.

And I have not been bribed to write this, I just simply believe in supporting other mothers around the area who are providing great products and a great service.
Hannah x’

I’m so pleased with it and it really made my day. It’s fabulous that it’s so positive, but it’s just the fact that Hannah took the time out of her very busy life (she runs Kids Let’s Dance, as well as looking after her children) to write and share this that touched me the most. Thank you so much Hannah, as you’ve made my day (possibly my week..!) Oh, and I’m quite partial to the ‘young mum’ comment, too – not sure that’s strictly accurate, but thanks so much… ;-)!

Remember, my shop’s at and if you fancy selling cards, too, I’m always happy to welcome and support new team members 🙂

My Open House

Last night I held my Christmas preview night at home. I invited friends and customers to come and see the new range. Now, I know that Christmas in August is just too much for some!, so several have said they’ll order later on and want a copy of the Christmas brochure. People are also away on holiday, but as I have all of the stock here, I was eager to unveil!



It was a great evening! Several people did pop by, plenty of cards were purchased and I booked in a few parties for later in the year. I also had my every day range out and as always, these cards went down a treat 🙂



I love the simplicity of it all. I bought some cards, I put them on my table, people came and ate cake with me and I sold cards and made money. Simple!

The Christmas range is all on my website now, ask me if you’d like a free copy of the brochure, or get in touch if you’d like to know more about selling these cards yourself.

Christmas Has Arrived Here!

Well it’s arrived! Every August, our Christmas season begins. This is the start of our busiest and best time of the year. On launch, we’re offered the chance to buy a big pack of Christmas stock at a better discount than normal, throughout the month of August. I always take advantage of this, which means that I now have…

box of cards

My 3 year old loves it! Christmas is a very popular time with her!! And once unpacked, those boxes and bubble wrap will be providing hours worth of entertainment!

bubble wrap

I have an open house planned for my customers next week, which I’m really looking forward to. Quite a lot of people have said they’re coming, so I’d best get baking.. 🙂

You can buy the Christmas range on my website now at If you’d like to find out more about becoming a trader yourself, feel free to get in touch with me.

Great New Trader Offer Launches

It’s that time where I get my newsletter from Head Office and get all excitable! This time is actually even better than usual, as along with the newsletter, there was an update on Phoenix Trading’s charitable support and my copy of the new Christmas supplement.

Christmas newsletter

Oh. My. Word. To say that I’m looking forward to this year’s Christmas season is an understatement! I always enjoy it, I love Christmas and like showing off the range to people, and as you’d imagine, traders tend to do make around 60% of our annual turnover from Sep-Nov, so you’ll see that now’s a busy and popular time for me! It’s not just the gorgeous cards, it’s the advent calendars, roll wrap, bunting, paper-chains, colour-in table cloths and decorations, gift boxes & bags, the list goes on and on…! And, of course, people still buy the everyday range – I do not stop stocking that just because Christmas is coming! At this early stage, I’m not sure which items will be most popular, but I’m fairly confident that these things will go down well..

advent calendar gingerbread housecolour-in thank yousadvent calendar card

It’s all in my shop now at and I’m available to show it all off at parties, in person, by post or on-line – just get in touch!

Anyway, I digress (easily get carried away with the new stuff!). As well as finding out about the new range, the newsletter brought me news about a new offer that Head Office are running throughout August and September. For anyone joining up as a new trader during this period, along with the £30 business kit, they’ll receive an E-Commerce website absolutely free (normally an optional extra at £25+VAT). A lovely little perk!

If you can see this business being something you’d enjoy, too, find out about how you’d get started here and feel free to read any of my past posts on what I’ve been up to and what it’s all about. I enjoy welcoming new traders to my team, and am happy to help people get going and offer any support needed along the way 🙂 Ask me anything you like, and joining up is easy. You get your kit from Head Office within a few days. And that’s it – you’re in business!

So, I’ve perused my newsletter, admired my brochure, I’m probably best to get on with selling it now..bye!


Getting to Choose a Few Cards…

Other than a new order or an update from one of my team, there’s nothing I like more popping into my business inbox than one of these emails…



It’s from Head Office and it’s the October product release survey. There are 427 new designs for our consideration, and as my email says ‘Your feedback is an essential part of our business and your comments really do influence our decision making. Please vote according to your own preferences and don’t try and second guess what you think your customers will like – we want your opinion.’

I love working for a company that listens to us, though most of all, I love getting a look at what I may be selling from October and playing at being a Creative Director… 🙂