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Favourites From The Autumn Range

I have been busy, so sorry to have not reported in sooner on this! I’ve been doing plenty of parties, orders from both regular and new customers are coming in thick and fast now, and I’ve lovely new traders, too. It’s a sure sign that we’ve hit busy season!

So, onto a few of my top picks from the new range

little kittens note cards

Little Kittens Note Cards set GP01 – £10

I love these! 30 note cards with 30 brown ribbed envelopes, presented in this cute little case. They’re already proving popular and I can see them flying out as they will make such lovely Christmas gifts for cat-lovers.

lazy dog days

Lazy Dog Days L274 £1.50 (or £1.20 when you buy any 10 or more)

So sweet! As with all of the cards, this is blank inside for your own message. There is also a cat version, too.

christmas lotto

Christmas Lotto GP03 £5

This game comes with 4 A5 lotto boards and will be perfect for getting everybody into the Christmas mood!

i love tractors

I Love Tractors S228 £1.50 (or £1.20 when you buy any 10 or more)

I think this card would be perfect for little boys (or big boys!)

finger puppets














Colour-in Finger Puppets CP008 £3

My daughter will definitely be needing these! She loves colouring in anyway, and then there are finger puppets to play with – love them!

Hope you like these, too – the full range, including all of the new and Christmas products can be bought from my shop now, and you can expect delivery to you within 3-5 days.

If you’d like more information about selling the range yourself, my website has more information here, and do feel free to email me for an information pack and with any questions you may have at



My Picks of the Week #20

With most children back at school, or starting school this week, I thought I’d pick out a few of my favourite children’s cards to share with you. I’d always recommend (of course!) keeping a stash of these in your drawer as I know that once at school, you seem to need to send a card every other week, and this’ll mean you’re prepared!

All cards are blank inside for your own message, and are all priced at £1.50, or (and this is why you’re best to get a stack in!) if you buy 10 or more, they’re £1.20 each.


princess tiara

pirate ship

fairy cakes

So Much Fun

camper van blue

skull & crossbonesknights castle

Remember, if you’re pressed for time, or just bamboozled by all of the choice on my website, I can put together a best-sellers pack for you.

My shop’s at

And with the run up to Christmas, and the offer of a free e-commerce website for joiners this month, now’s a good time to sell these cards yourself – just get in touch for more information on joining my growing team.

My Picks of the Week #19 Babies

Whether it be for a new baby, christening or naming ceremony, these cards are gorgeous, and sure to tempt you. If, like me, you’re at that stage in your life where there are lots of people having babies around you, grab a handful and be stocked up and ready for the happy occasion…

As always, these cards are £1.50 each of £1.20 when you buy any 10 or more:

baby's day

new baby suits

baby, baby

hello little one

Also available in pink

Also available in pink

Also available in blue

Also available in blue

Also available in pink

Also available in pink

Also available in blue

Also available in blue

There are more, too, but I’ll stop going on! We also have gift wrap & tags, a baby memento box, a 3D new baby card and baby announcement notecards. All are available at, along with our full every day range and Christmas stock is now in, too 🙂

If you’d like to sell these cards, I do have a growing team and it’d be lovely to welcome you on board. Just get in touch for more details.

My Picks of the Week #18 Cats

Today’s picks are all things feline..

party cats


sofa cats


cuddle required


catsAs always, all cards are blank for your own message, and priced at £1.50 each, or buy any 10 or more for £1.20 each.

Now, as it’s 1st August, our Christmas range also launches today, and I couldn’t leave you without mentioning that! As it happens, there’s also a cat pick there…

cats & dogs advent calendar card


It’s one of our extremely popular advent calendar cards. If you’ve not seen these before, I cannot recommend them enough! They’re priced at just £2 each and as you can see in the picture, have 24 little doors on them to open. Perfect if you want to send a more unique or special card, and at £2, they represent fabulous value. I always sell loads of these, and with the new selection we’ve got this year, I can see it being the same again this season!

The advent calendar cards, all of the Christmas products, along with the entire every day range are just awaiting your browsing and buying pleasure in my shop now 😉

And as you’d imagine, now’s a busy and fun time to be a trader, so if it appeals to you to try this yourself, get in touch!


My Picks of the week #17 Mini Beasts

Yesterday, we were out enjoying a ‘bug hunt’ with my 3 year old (and baby, though it has to be said he was less excited about it all..!) As mini-beasts are on my mind, my picks this week are all things insects…

All cards are blank inside for your own message, and cost £1.50 each, or £1.20 each when you buy any 10 or more from my shop.

dragonflies over the pond

Painted Butterflies

purple butterfly

birthday bugs

strawberry and caterpillars

beehive and flowers

blue butterfly


My Picks of the Week #16 Gardens

I have, as I’m sure many of you have, been spending much of this last week in the garden. I love the sunshine, and it’s definitely boosting my garden – it’s going wild out there! So, today I’ll bring you some garden-inspired picks…

the gardenThe Garden TF20 – £1.50 each of £1.20 when you buy any 10 or more

I love this card. As you can see, it’s tri-fold and die cut, so it really stands out.

Pretty Garden Flowers TF21 – £1.50 each of £1.20 when you buy any 10 or more

As above, with butterflies and flowers.

Garden Seeds DC60 – £1.50 each of £1.20 when you buy any 10 or more

Another die cut one, new, and proving really popular.

garden trugGarden Trug A038 – £1.50 each of £1.20 when you buy any 10 or more

How great is this one?! Perfect for keen gardeners, whether it be their birthday, mother’s day, retirement, it suits all! As with all of our cards, it’s blank inside for your own message.

Birthday Topiary L269 £1.50 each of £1.20 when you buy any 10 or more

Matt textured and looking pretty! Great if you want a birthday message to feature on the front.

shedsSheds AL86 £1.50 each of £1.20 when you buy any 10 or more

The detail on this shaped wraparound card is just lovely to see and enjoy.

And another for shed enthusiasts… Garden Shed A019

Beehive and Flowers A087 – £1.50 each of £1.20 when you buy any 10 or more

Another from artist, Amanda Loverseed.

So Much FunSo Much Fun SL03 – £1.50 each of £1.20 when you buy any 10 or more

A glittery, gorgeous card for young, budding gardeners. My 3 year old is getting in to her gardening and strawberry patch at the moment, so perhaps this one’s for her…?!

And from the same artist, we have Toadstool Birthday SL04, again, glittery and very cute.

You can find them all, and plenty more garden themed cards in my shop now at

If you’d like to run your own business selling these cards and more, too, just get in touch with me for more information.



My Picks of the Week #15 Butterflies

Summer is actually here! Hope everyone’s making the most of it. I love spending time in my garden and that’s inspired this week’s picks – butterflies. Now, Phoenix know how to do butterflies….

blue butterflyBlue Butterfly AL69 £1.50 or £1.20 when you buy any 10 or more cards

Absolutely gorgeous! It’s all glittery, too. I always have one of these on my displays, and as you can imagine, they catch the eye and I sell plenty! As with all Phoenix cards, it’s blank inside so could be a birthday, get well, engagement – whatever you need it to be!

There’s is also a 50 sheet jotter pad, of the same design, shaped as a butterfly (not glittery, though, of course!)

Organiser Box £10 OB4 butterfly organiser box

It includes 15 blank dividers and a pull out drawer. Could be a recipe box, keep your paperwork in, or your stock of cards!

Butterfly Paper Chain SP15 £2.50

48 gummed links to make up a paper chain, with images on both sides.

Butterfly Sky Postcards M50 £4

Pack of 10, matt textured, postcards, along with white envelopes.

Butterfly CupcakesButterfly Cupcakes LS20 £1.50 or £1.20 when you buy any 10 or more cards

Month in, month out, this is the best-selling card! It’s glittery and the wings on each of the butterflies pop out – very pretty so can see why it just keeps on selling!

Painted Butterflies WS247 £1.50 or £1.20 when you buy any 10 or more cards

Another very popular one. A little smaller than Butterfly Cupcakes, this one’s matt textured, and again, has wings that pop-out.

Butterfly Frieze Blue SP32 £6butterfly frieze

With 10 pop-out A4 sheets, you can make quite a display with these – so pretty! There’s also a pink version.

We also have mini gift boxes, stationery sets, a bookmark, gift wrap and tags, gift boxes and loads more butterfly cards, too – phew! I did say Phoenix know how to do butterflies! You can search all things butterfly on my website by simply using the product search box, to see even more of the range.

And remember, I have special offers on this month, too..:-)