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I’m Still Busying Myself Here!

I’ve been a little absent from this blog lately, but never fear, it’s because I have been busy! So, I thought I’d best pop by and give you a brief update to reassure you that I’m still here!

box of cardsWith the children back at school, and the weather turning decidedly autumnal, people’s thoughts seem to be turning to Christmas, as I’m definitely selling cards and advent calendars! In the last couple of weeks, I’ve got my Christmas catalogues out to my mailing list, I’ve booked in some more at home ‘coffee and cards’, booked a Macmillan coffee morning in, taken sales and orders from my regular baskets, and my website sales are going strong. Those boxes full of Christmas goodies are already dwindling!

join nowOn top of my activity, I’m delighted to be welcoming Julie to my team, too. Now is a fabulous time to join, with our best few months upon us and the free e-commerce website offer for new traders ends this month, too, so if you’re toying with it, get in now! You can find more information on my website or get in touch directly with me with your questions ūüôā

And now I’m off as I have another free brochure pack to post out to a potential new customer – shout if you’d like to peruse one, too ūüôā


The More the Merrier

A5Phoenix Trading want more traders out there, as simple as that! Of course they do. That way they’ll sell more cards,¬†heighten¬†their profile and¬†increase¬†their market share. It’s pretty much what every business looks to do, surely? Now, as an Independent Phoenix Trader my goals are to sell more cards, heighten my profile and¬†increase¬†my market share, or customer base, as is my case. Like Phoenix, I also want there to be more traders, but more¬†specifically, in my own team – I want the company to do well, but I might as well be doing well¬†myself¬†at the same time! The benefits of having a team are more than simply earning more money, though that’s clearly a plus point. From my point of view, back in my old life, I¬†managed¬†an area with over 80¬†members¬†of staff, so I was used to, and enjoyed, working with a big team – it’s what I know. I want a team spirit like that again, only this time, it’ll be even better as every single person in that team does what they do each day because they want to, rather than¬†because¬†they’re being managed to – much better! My team is growing, so we can now have team meetings (with cakes and biscuits, of course!), where we can share our successes and frustrations with each¬†other, enthuse together about new products and fill each other in on our latest plans.¬†¬†I really enjoy this part, and whether it can be done in person, or via telephone, email,¬†Skype,¬†Facebook¬†etc., it’s still nice to be in touch with other traders. And swap stocks, oh, so very helpful!

Which brings me to the point that I really wanted to make – ‘the more the merrier’. I fell into the trap of thinking I needed an area to myself when I was first toying with the idea of becoming a trader. One of my initial questions was, ‘how many other traders are there near me?’, and this is a question that I often get asked by prospective traders. It is something we can find the answer to, as at the start of every year, our newsletter from Head Office details number of traders by postal area across the UK. So I know, for example, that there are 132 traders in my ‘B’ post code – Birmingham. 132. With Birmingham’s population standing at over 1 million, I think there’s enough business out there for us to share!! And that’s assuming we only sell to other people living near to us. I have family and friends in Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire, London, Wales….you get the point! Phoenix Traders don’t get territories, we’re not franchisees. I¬†actually¬†had a good friend of mine join my team last year, and she lives 3 doors away from me – proximity to another trader is not an issue! It’s a very big bonus – we can share deliveries, swap stock and pop round for a quick cuppa to talk over ideas. Last year, my newborn in arms, I cut down on some of the events I attended with my cards, but I didn’t want to let down a regular pre-school group and their Christmas fayre, so I asked my team if they were about, and one of them did go along and cover it for me,¬†ensuring¬†a continued¬†Phoenix¬†presence at their events. The biggest ‘the more the merrier’ point is brand recognition. It’s great being out at a fayre with your Phoenix table and hearing ‘oh, look, there’s a Phoenix table – I love Phoenix…!’, and over they come! Or having a new customer put in touch with you via Head Office who has been looking around for a trader, as¬†they¬†love the cards and need to find someone to buy them from. If there are more traders in an area, it can often make for more successful traders in that area,¬†rather¬†than people squabbling over business. And I can honestly say, it really isn’t like that. We do¬†follow the fairness¬†principles¬†that Phoenix put in place, and we do help each other out, in the same team or not, it doesn’t matter.

So if you’re considering this kind of work, when you¬†ask¬†the question, ‘how many other traders are there near me?’, I’m¬†hoping¬†it’s¬†because¬†you want the answer to be, ‘oh, there’s plenty around to help you out’..:-)

Want to find out more about joining my team? Email me at joloreading@gmail.com¬†with¬†any¬†and¬†all¬†questions, or visit my website, where you can join¬†on-line¬†atwww.jocelynscards.co.uk. Once registered, you’ll¬†receive¬†your kit within a few days, I’ll be here to help in any way you need me, so you will be in¬†business¬†within the week!